What are the Capabilities of Generative AI

Generative AI

Generative AI is a subset of the Deep Learning model, which produces different types of content based on the type of input or prompts the user is given.

Generative AI is one of the unique categories of AI models, and it's capable of creating new content and ideas turning into actions that include customer conversations, user stories, different types of images, videos, sounds, and even data.

Generative AI has been a buzzword in the market recently and gained its own popularity in early 2021. Hyper-scalers are having its own Generative AI models, for example, Microsoft – ChatGPT and Google – Bard.

Generative AI Capabilities

GPT-3 is a Large Language Model used to understand, summarize, translate, generate, and search text and other contents based on the knowledge base gained from the huge volume of datasets.

GPT-3 will accept only text-based prompts, whereas GPT–4 accepts visual inputs or prompts.


Summarization is used to summarize an article where you can extract important bullet points from the article with more specific details.

  • Summarize key points from the finance report where you can extract key financial figures, key internal and external risk factors.
  • Summarize issue resolution from a conversation where you can extract customer problems, outcomes for the customer conversation, and action items for follow-up.

Code Generation

Code generation helps convert the natural language into multiple languages like SQL, Python, etc.

  • Convert Natural Language to SQL, where the user can prompt simple English language, which is converted into SQL queries.
  • Convert Natural Language to Python, where the user can prompt simple English language, which is converted into Python codes.
  • Explain SQL Query If the user does not understand any SQL query he has written, you can use this feature to explain the entire SQL query in simple terms.

Content Generation

  • Generate a product description- this feature generates product descriptions in bullet points like rewards, incentives, coverage, and flexible payment options for products.
  • Generate an email- this feature is used to generate the email's subject line, the body of the email, and other features.
  • Generate a job description- This feature generates a job description that should outline the role's main responsibilities, list the required qualifications, and highlight unique benefits like working hours and others.
  • Generate a Quiz- generates multiple choice questions from the paragraph or comprehension.
  • Generating product name ideas- is used to generate product key features and evoke positive emotions.


Translate Text If you are non-native speaking customers where you can translate the English Language into different languages like French, Spanish, and so on.


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