How To Make Your Computer Speak To You While Opening It

Hey guys!! In this blog, I’ll show you how to make a welcome speech AI, which will make your computer look futuristic like JARVIS in the IRON MAN movie.

You can ask me how it will be useful. With this, you can make your computer like JARVIS in the IRON MAN movie, which will speak to you while opening it. Well just imagine when you are sitting with your friends or family members and opening your PC, and it suddenly welcomes you through voice by telling your name, and everyone around you gets surprised. Moreover, you can show others that you are a computer genius.

You think it’s very complicated? Well, it’s very simple, guys.

Just follow these procedures….

  1. Open Notepad. 
  2. Type the coding, mentioned below. 

    Dim speaks, speech
    speaks="Welcome. It’s good to have you back Sir. "
    Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
    speech.Speak speaks

    Instead of the text "Welcome, it’s good to have you back Sir." You can type whatever you like (the greeting message, which you want to be said by your PC) which can be anything. The symbols like (. , ! ? ) will change voice’s ups and downs. For example, if you use [ full stop ( . ) ] the sentence will have a break.

  3. Save the file name as ( welcome speak.vbs ).
    Save with the extension .vbs, which is very important.

  4. Change Save as type as All Files (*.*), which you can find in the dropdown list box and is mentioned below in the file name text box.

  5. Open my computer.
  6. Go to Local Disk (C:).
  7. Click view.
  8. Click the hidden items check box and make sure the tick icon appears.

  9. Save this VBscript in the location given below.

    C:\Users\victor franklin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    Instead of the text "victor franklin" your user name will appear.

  10. Now, shut down your system
  11. Every time when you turn on your PC after shutting down, your computer will welcome you ( speak to you).
  12. Make sure your computer has a speaker, else it will not speak to you… (just for fun). I hope you like this

Well that’s it guys. Isn't that simple?

I like to hear your comments about this blog, so I can know how I did this and I can correct my mistakes in order to improve myself.