How to Navigate from One Page to Another in UWP

Here we go

  1. First of all open visual studio.
  2. Create new project.

  3. Select universal>installed>blank App(windows platform).

  4. Name it as u want and then click OK.

  5. Go to Mainpage.xaml,drop a Appbar button from toolbox to grid.

  6. (by selecting appbar button u can go to properties>brushes.

  7. You can colour if u want)

  8. Add a new item c#>Blankpage>Add where we want to navigate from Mainpage.xaml.

  9. Double click on appbarbutton in mainpage.xaml, Mainpage.xaml.cs will open.

  10. Type this code.

Save all.

Run in local Machine.

If You have any query or problem regarding navigate then leave a comment or feed back.

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