How To Prepare Your Presentation


In the C-SharpCorner 2017 Annual Conference, speaker Mr. Magnus Mårtensson gave some important tips on how to prepare your presentation and what should be the key points in a slideshow. Given below are some of the points which are needed to be noted down.
Color Combination of Template
  • Always use dark background and contrast color for text. This will make clear visibility for your audience.
  • Generally, if we use white background, then audience cannot read slide properly because of all the brightness.

Key Rules

  • Do not write too much description/ too many paragraphs because it eliminates the need of memorizing your talk.
  • The less information you give, the more your audience will remember.
  • Do not read (say) points on the slide directly. If the audience is already reading the slide, you will lose your audience.
  • Always make eye contact with the audience so they can stay connected with you.
  • If you are presenting any new topic, then the audience has limited capacity to remember.
  • Always use spell check before you present the slide.
  • Always ask questions to the audience to keep them attentive.
  • Enthusiastic talk also helps maintain audience attention.
  • Speak freely.
  • Keep your audience in mind

    • What do they expect?
    • What will keep them focused?
    • Define content in a simple manner.
    • First, tell them why this topic.
Less is more

See the above two images.
  • In the first image, there are more objects so it is not easy to count the number of objects whereas in the second image, there are limited objects so it is very easy to count & remember. So, a maximum of three points should be highlight on single slide.
  • Use bold and simple fonts for header (main) point as well as sub points.
  • Use the same font size and color for all slides.
  • Do not use large (big) fonts for header point and small font size for sub points because heading is not important but sub points are. Thus, use equal combination.

  • Use digital information like images, animation and media in your slides.
  • Visualization can translate the message to the audience very easily and it helps create interest as well.
  • Crop the images into custom shapes.
  • Use High-Definition images.
  • Do not use images which contain many points like maps, mathematical equations etc. because these are very hard to read.
Embed Media
  • You can use direct link to video / audio files to embed media. This will look like more professional.
  • Visual representation is worth a thousand words. It can be a short story or lession as well.

C# Corner Annual Conference 2017 - Thanks for the wonderful and amazing session by Mr. Magnus Mårtensson.

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