How to Print Label Printer .PRN file on USB Barcode Label Printer using command/Batch file.

Step 1: First of all create a PRN file from Barcode Label Printer as per your Label Design content.
Step 2: Install Printer Driver in system and PlugIn with USB cable.
Step 3: GoTo ControlPanel -->  Device and Printers
Step 4: Select Printer Properties and change this settings as per below image. 
Step 5: Now Create one Batch File with following code
Step 6: Save this Batch file with .bat extension
Step 7: Now Run this Batch file by double click on this file.

Step 8:  by DOS command. Type following command in Dos Command prompt.
COPY C:\labeldesign\Label1.prn \\MyPC\CP-2140E 
Output Like this
If u have any query regarding this feel free to Comment me. 
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