How to Reverse Each Word in a String Using C#

This is very common and frequently asked CSharp (C#) interview question.

String to be reversed:

DS tech blog

Output or the reversed string:

SD hcet golb

Our Logic in CSharp (C#):

  1. string input = "DS tech blog";  
  3. string result = string.Join(" ", input  
  5. .Split(' ')  
  7. .Select(x => new String(x.Reverse().ToArray())));  
  9. Console.WriteLine(result);   

Remember to include the below using statements:

  1. using System;  
  3. using System.Linq;  
Explanation for the above code:
Split the input string using a single space as the separator.
  • Split() method for returning a string array that contains each word of the input string.

  • Select method for constructing a new string array, by reversing each character in each word.

  • Join method for converting the string array into a string.


You can read about all these methods in detail on MSDN. Below are the links for your reference.

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