How to Back Up/Restore Outlook Data and Content of a User


Hi guys, this is a general topic for all end users who want to take a back up of Outlook files, folders and content and Restore it back especially when you move to a new desk location or do some account deletion and creating a new user with a new domain due to the Company merging or other reasons. 
We have 2 main major phases in this:
Export Process
Top Left Corner >> File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export >> Export to a File 2nd Option>>Next>>Outlook Data File.pst >> Next >> Select the Account name for your back up >> Include Sub Folders >> Next >> Browse Local Path to Save >> Save File Name with Data Stamp >> Do not export duplicate items
You can save it without Account credentials for easy access. It depends on the Content size since it takes time to be totally backed up.
Import Process
File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export >> Select the file to import >> Select DataFile.pst >> Next >> Browse for that Back up file >> Do not import Duplicates >> Next >> Outlook Data File as a whole including all sections >> Import File as the same folder >> Finish >>
For other applications >> Go to Start Menu >> Open Run >> appdata>> Local >> Microsoft >> Select your Application from which you want to save the Back up of Files, Content, etc. and re-use it in your new location.
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