How To Use Image Rendition In SharePoint Modern View


In this blog, we will learn how to use image renditions in SharePoint modern sites. 

What is Image Rendition? 

  • Image rendition allows you to view images with different height and width for the same image according to your page in the SharePoint site.
  • You can see the Image Rendition option in the site settings page for publishing sites in SharePoint classic view.
  • While creating a new image rendition, you specify the height and width of the image.
  • Now while showing images in the SharePoint page using custom HTML, the author of the HTML can specify the image rendition for the image.

Problem Statement

  • You can see the image rendition option in the Look and feel section.
  • The image rendition option is not available in modern view sites.


  • Image Renditions option is not available in the settings page of the modern view, we can access image renditions settings page through the URL.
  • URL will be as below, {site collection url} /_layouts/15/ImageRenditionSettings.aspx
Now from this settings page, you can create an image rendition and use it in your custom web part.
Access the Image Renditions page using this URL. It will work in both modern site templates, team site template, and communication site template. 

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