How to work with Metro UI framework in WPF

In this blog, I will explain how to install Metro UI framework in WPF application and how to work with Metro UI framework.

Step 1

Create new WPF project in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Step 2

Click TOOLS >> Library Package Manager >> Package Manager Console.

Step 3

Enter the below command in Package Manager Console window. Then, press Enter.

After few seconds, we will get success message notification in Console window.

Step 4

After installing MahApps.Metro, open the MainWindow.Xaml.

Step 5

Add the below attribute inside the window opening tag.


Step 6

Change <Window> tag to  <Controls: MetroWindow>, as shown below.

Step 7

Open the MainWindow.xaml.cs MainWindow code behind file

Step 8

Add the below namespace using statement. Then change the window class name to MetroWindow.

Step 9

Open App.xaml.

Step 10

Add the below ResourceDictionaries to your App.xaml.


Step 11

Press Ctrl + Shift +B to build the project, and press F5 to see the Metro UI Window.



I hope you liked this blog. Happy Coding!!