How Windows Phone Integrates With Artificial Intelligence Connected Systems

In 2015, the Windows Phone was replaced by Windows 10 Mobile. It puts emphasis on a bigger amount of unification and integration with its personal computer counterpart, which include a unified, new app ecosystem, together with an expansion of its scope, to include tablets with small screens. In mobile application design, the Windows phone is the fastest growing in Europe, which accounts for 10.1 percent of the market, outselling the iPhone in some developing countries. Furthermore, Windows Phone 8 is about to be pushed to users, bringing an enhanced interface, better applications and digital assistant to take on Google Now and Siri. With the new 8.1 version bringing considerable extra functionality to the table, the app store of Microsoft and mobile app development tools are growing in quality and scope.

  1. Quality made phones with exceptional design
    The partnership with Nokia gives plenty of choices not only for budget-conscious people, but for those who are looking for a sleek, powerful, phone for instances such as the Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixel camera sensor and a full HD video.

  2. Beautiful applications
    While the Windows App Store lags behind the Play Store when it comes to quantity, what counts with applications is the quality and so far the Windows Phones have the basic necessities covered. The Windows phone is not an open source platform and Microsoft has a stricter criteria set on which games and apps could populate their marketplace. The results are better and superior aps, cleaner options, minimalistic and beautiful apps.

  3. Microsoft support and integration
    Those used to the software and service of Microsoft will be happy to know that Windows Phone works well with the products of Microsoft. Windows Phone comes with a free Office in the operating system itself. The mobile version is handy for professionals who are on the go.

  4. Seamless social media and email integration
    The windows phone, with its mission to create an end-to-end product experience for the customers, has a robust in-built social media integrated hub, which is very fluid and smooth. People Hug gets updates from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Instead of opening individual applications one by one, all status notifications and updates can be viewed within the People Hub.

  5. Lock screen customizations
    Windows phone enables checking out notifications from the lock screen. One can not only change Background pictures in the lock screen settings, Windows phones also enable integrating live apps on the lock screen. Some of the better application integrations are Facebook and Bing. Another cool thing to do is configuring the lock screen to display information on an artist when playing music.

  6. Consistency across all devices
    Windows phone works well on all device levels, from the entry-level Lumia 520 to high-end Lumia 1020 without any lag noticeable whatsoever. The minimalist design approach is applied to the range of Nokia Lumia devices and known for best quality build.

Cortana, the personal digital assistant on Windows Phone 8.1, evolved from a super-smart artificial intelligence character in a Halo video-game series. Cortana in the game is an all-seeing, right-hand woman. The AI would transform how users use the Windows Phone handset. Microsoft only just got into the ‘digital assistant’ game, but early signs point to Cortana as more of a match to Siri and Google.

  1. Ability to set reminders. Instead of reaching for a phone, Cortana could simply be used on a PC to set a reminder. It would inquire if a user wants to set the reminder based on place or time when leaving the office. Chose the place-based reminder and upon going home, a user will get a notice on the smart phone to for instance pick up milk or any other reminder. Upon request, Cortana could flash a reminder when communicating with someone.

  2. Open an application. When in a middle of focused work session, often it is faster to allow Cortana to open programs instead of doing it yourself. This could be for something as frivolous as the launch of a music application like Spotify to more productive uses, like opening Outlook for example.

  3. Missed call alerts and SMS on a personal computer. The AI system could alert if there is a missed call on the phone. The Cortana app should be on the Windows Phone and Android, a feature that is not available on iOS. The Cortana phone-personal computer combination could also send SMS messages from the personal computer through the phone.

  4. Sending email. To send a quick email, Cortana can do it by simply typing or saying: send an email. It is a great feature to confirm the time of a meeting or asking a question fast. It the quick message gets more involved, Cortana has a choice to continue in the mail application.

  5. News Updates. Cortana can also help look for the latest news regarding a favorite sports team, politician, a particular company or many more topics. The feature works for most subjects. However, there are times when Cortana would push a user off to a web search in the browser, rather than presenting the top news stories. .

Microsoft, along with mobile app development tools has launched a new application that builds on its efforts in the AI space. The Cortana application is the latest and the best solution that is integrated into Windows Phone systems, from Windows Phone 8.1 version and up. With the effort of Microsoft to integrate artificial intelligence to mobile devices, the Cortana AI is a very useful and practical solution that simplifies the use of the features of the mobile operating system. Already, Microsoft has a continuum, which enables Windows 10 smart phone that provide a personal computer-like interface on a big screen display.


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