HTML 5 Today and Tomorrow

HTML 5 Today and Tomorrow

If you are a regular visitor of C# Corner, I am sure, you have heard about HTML 5 and how it has impacted the Web development world. As a matter of fact, I give HTML 5 credit for killing both Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. We took HTML 5 seriously a year ago and start building C# Corner in HTML 5. Also, we have a dedicated section on C# Corner on HTML 5 and have published over 200 articles.

Today, HTML 5 has become an industry standard for Web development with the support of Microsoft, Google and Adobe. I would not be surprised of the next versions of all major browsers will have a built-in support for HTML 5.

Today, HTML 5 stands tall and pulling more and more Web development to its side and gaining more and more support from other open source technologies such as JavaScript and JQuery. Using this trio (HTML 5, JavaScript, and JQuery), we can build any kind of Web application you could imagine.

So, where is HTML heading to?

“HTML 5.1 is on its way.”

The HTML Working Group has been asked by the W3C team to provide a credible plan to get HTML 5 to Recommendation status by 2014.

In a proposed plan to the W3C, the HTML WG mentioned:

“Recognizing the pressures to ship a REC sooner -- possibly with less functionality -- than later, we are proposing a plan for taking a stable HTML5.0 specification to W3C Recommendation by the end of 2014, as well as a plan for taking an HTML 5.1 specification to W3C Recommendation by the end of 2016.”

“HTML 5 recommendation is Q4, 2014.”

The milestones are the following

CR:   2012 Q4
LCf:  2014 Q3
PR:   2014 Q4
Rec:  2014 Q4


Well, HTML 5 development is in rapid swing, the W3C and HTML 5 team has already start working on a plan for HTML 5.1

HTML5.1 milestones are the following:

FPWD:        2012 Q4
LC:          2014 Q3
CR:          2015 Q1
Rec:         2016 Q4

Based on these dates, HTML 5.1 Recommendation is due by 2016 Q4.