HTML Color Codes

Hexadecimal html color codes can provide you with any color you can imagine. Using a hex code chart will ensure that you have chosen the exact color you want for your web page. Hex codes are a mixture of numbers, letters or both. Hex code will include the numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A to F. A pale pink color uses the simple code of #FFCCCC while a hot pink will be #FF33CC.
Using the hex code system you will discover that the six numbers used in an html color code represent the primary colors. The first two numbers will tell the computer how much red to place in the color. The second set of two numbers represent green and the last two blue. There is no need to memorize these color hex codes. You can simply print out a chart or just keep a color hex chart open in a window on your computer screen. Today you can find a hexadecimal code for thousands of colors, making it possible to match logos, fonts, clipart and other items displayed on your web page. I shown a image below, So, that you can get Color Codes for frequently used colors. For Quick online Color Picker tool :  


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