HTML5 introduction

HTML5 introduction

Well, last 3 months I got confused about the new technologies whichever to learn.
After researching something i found that html5 is a very good cool technology in terms of new technology.
SO my plan is that first I will blog some information of html5 and later I will go for the article.

So What is HTML5?

HTML5 will be the new standard for HTML, XHTML, and the HTML DOM.
The previous version of HTML came in 1999. The web has changed a lot since then.
HTML5 is still a work in progress. However, most modern browsers have some HTML5 support.

How Did HTML5 Get Started?

HTML5 is a cooperation between the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG).
WHATWG was working with web forms and applications, and W3C was working with XHTML 2.0.
I think In 2006, they decided to cooperate and create a new version of HTML.
Some rules for HTML5 were established:
  1.     New features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript
  2.     Reduce the need for external plugins (like Flash)
  3.     Better error handling
  4.     More markup to replace scripting
  5.     HTML5 should be device-independent
  6.     The development process should be visible to the public