If Computers Not Exists

Yeah it is a tough question especially since most of us across the globe, both young and old heavily rely on computers and the internet. Today, life would be virtually impossible without it especially to developers like us. When I was in elementary school I always dreamed of becoming an artist. I loved to paint and draw because I can express my thoughts and emotions through art. But things changed after I graduated in high school because my family couldn't afford to send me to university.

I earned my BS degree because I got a scholarship from STI to study computer science. So now I work as a Lead Technical Developer. But to answer the question, if computers didn't exist then I would be a carpenter and a farmer then I would create a machine from wood that will compile codes made out of paper that will produce kernels of corn ~ just kidding on that part =D. Seriously I would definitely be an architect or an artist because being an artist is having the freedom to express your personality through art. The picture below is one of my drawings which I have drawn a very long time ago (I think was 14 that time). Not pretty good but it rocks.

How about you? What do you think will you be doing now if computers weren't in existence?