Implement Components in PowerApps

In this blog, I have explained how to implement components in PowerApps.

Navigate to the power apps portal and log in with your valid Microsoft account; after successful login, it will be redirected to the landing page for making PowerApps.

On the left side navigation, Click create. Provide the App name and choose the format, mobile or tablet

Components in PowerApps

Click Create; after successful creation of apps on the left side navigation, choose the component,

Now am going to create a common header component for all the screens we are going to navigate no need to create it on all the pages separately.

Click on the  "New Component"

Components in PowerApps

Rename it into "HeaderComponent" In this component, now am going to design the commonly used design header and footer common for all the screens,

If you have a reusability of "Table" you can do the same

Now I have created the simple header and footer for "HeaderComponent"

Components in PowerApps

Now navigate to the "Screen" Tab-  Open the default screen

Click on the insert button in left side navigation Choose Custom - "HeaderComponent"

Components in PowerApps

So now you can reuse common components across all the screens.

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