Implement Skype Call Button in a Website


This blog demonstrates a simple way how to implement Skype call/chat functionality so that any one can call/chat me using Skype in my site.

Implementing Skype call to your website attracts more people to connect with you via chat/call.

 Before moving forward I suggest that you create a Skype account.
  1. Go to Skype contact me button from this link.

  2. Fill up your Skype name and customize the details as per the below image. 
  3.  Add the script in the HTML body tag as per the below code.
    1. <body>    
    2.     <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>    
    3.     <div id="SkypeButton_Call_m.sabyasachi1990_1">    
    4.         <script type="text/javascript">    
    5.             Skype.ui({    
    6.                 "name""dropdown",    
    7.                 "element""SkypeButton_Call_m.sabyasachi1990_1",    
    8.                 "participants": ["m.sabyasachi1990"]    
    9.             });    
    10.         </script>    
    11.     </div>    
    12. </body>  
  4. After opening the page and clicking on call/chat button it will open up the Skype window as per below image if you have Skype installed in your PC or else it will ask to download it.


You can download the attached sample project to use it but make sure you change the Skype Name.