Installing Sitecore 9 Without SOLR

This article will cover step-by-step installation for Sitecore 9 CMS, a typical Sitecore 9 installation involves SOLR as a prerequisite, here we are covering steps required to install Sitecore 9 without SOLR.


Basic understanding of Windows OS Features and Powershell scripting

Section A

Set up an Installation folder for Local Setup

Step 1

Download Packages for XP Single (XP0) Instance configuration from here.

Step 2

Create a new Folder called sc9_install in any of your local drive.

Step 3

Extract downloaded folder into the newly created sc9_install folder.

Step 4

Now extract all the JSON files from XP0 Configuration files folder to the sc9_install folder.

Step 5

Now, place your Sitecore License.xml File inside installation folder.

Step 6

Create a new sc9_install.ps1 (PowerShell Script) file inside the installation folder and add below content and save the file. (Note: Fill the # define Parameters section values according to your local system configuration)

#Ensure that SIF 1.2 .1 is the version that is active in the PowerShell session
Import - Module SitecoreInstallFramework - Force - RequiredVersion 1.2 .1
#define parameters
$prefix = "sc9Test"
# Set Local Sitecore Instance name as per your choice.
$PSScriptRoot = "C:\sc9_install"
# Replace your local installation folder path here
$XConnectCollectionService = "$prefix.xconnect"
$sitecoreSiteName = "$"
$SqlServer = "Your Local SQL Server Instance Name"
#Provide your Local SQL Server Instance Name
$SqlAdminUser = "sa"
#System Admin User
$SqlAdminPassword = "Your Local SQL Password"
#System Admin Password of Your Local SQL Server Instance
#install client certificate
for xconnect
$certParams = @ {
    Path = "$PSScriptRoot\xconnect-createcert.json"
    CertificateName = "$prefix.xconnect_client"
    RootCertFileName = "SIF121Root"
Install - SitecoreConfiguration @certParams - Verbose
#deploy xconnect instance
$xconnectParams = @ {
    Path = "$PSScriptRoot\xconnect-xp0.json"
    Package = "$PSScriptRoot\Sitecore 9.0.0 rev. 171002 (OnPrem)"
    LicenseFile = "$PSScriptRoot\license.xml"
    Sitename = $XConnectCollectionService
    XConnectCert = $certParams.CertificateName
    SqlDbPrefix = $prefix
    SqlServer = $SqlServer
    SqlAdminUser = $SqlAdminUser
    SqlAdminPassword = $SqlAdminPassword
Install - SitecoreConfiguration @xconnectParams - Verbose
#install sitecore instance
$xconnectHostName = "$prefix.xconnect"
$sitecoreParams = @ {
    Path = "$PSScriptRoot\sitecore-XP0.json"
    Package = "$PSScriptRoot\Sitecore 9.0.0 rev. 171002 (OnPrem)"
    LicenseFile = "$PSScriptRoot\license.xml"
    SqlDbPrefix = $prefix
    SqlServer = $SqlServer
    SqlAdminUser = $SqlAdminUser
    SqlAdminPassword = $SqlAdminPassword
    XConnectCert = $certParams.CertificateName
    Sitename = $sitecoreSiteName
    XConnectCollectionService = "https://$XConnectCollectionService"
Install - SitecoreConfiguration @sitecoreParams

Step 7

Now, the sc9_install folder should look like below.

Section B

Update JSON Files for Installing Sitecore 9 without SOLR

Step 1

Open xconnect-xp0.json file and remove/comment ConfigureSolrSchemas Object and save the file.

Step 2

Open sitecore-XP0.json file and remove/comment UpdateSolrSchema Object and save the file.

Section C

Configure SitecoreInstallFramework 1.2.1

Open Windows PowerShell as an Administrator and Run Below Commands,

Import-Module PowerShellGet
Register-PSRepository -Name "sc-powershell" -SourceLocation
Install-Module -Name "SitecoreInstallFramework" -RequiredVersion "1.2.1" -Repository "sc-powershell"

Section D

Run sc9_install.ps1 as an Administrator to Install Sitecore 9 without Solr.

Step 1

Navigate to newly created sc9_install folder on windows PowerShell console.

Step 2

Now run .\sc9_install.ps1 command by pressing enter.

Step 3

Wait for 20-30 minutes to complete the installation. (Note: Provide SolrPrefixName and SolrCoreName if prompted)

Step 4

Open Browser and type, Press enter (Type the instance name as provided by you in the PowerShell script)

The above steps will ensure installation of Sitecore 9 Without SOLR, a user just need to have basic understanding of Windows OS features and powershell scriptings.

Good Luck with Your Installation!