Integrate CKEditor Application with ASP.NET Application

Using simple steps

  1. Goto & search for CKEditor download.

  2. Download CKEditor from CKEditor website.

  3. Extract CKEditor application to a new folder.

  4. Start visual studio 2013 Create New ASP.NET Empty Web Application.

  5. Goto referencess and add reference to CKEditor.NET dll file.

  6. Copy CKEditor folder to new created project.

  7. Add new ASP.NET page and register for CKEditor Tag By using following statement.

  8. Type CKEditor tag Inside DIV tag.

  9. Place one button and label on your ASP.NET Page.

  10. Write code on button for taking input from CKEditor 11 Save and Run project and your are done. Visit this Link.

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