Introducing modern.IE

The world of technology is ever-evolving with new versions and features being released constantly. As developers, we love the cutting edge functionality in the brand new versions but we care equally about our user base, supporting every version they demand or use, new or old. At the end of the day, the user is the focal point and we need to ensure positive user experience.
Microsoft has released new tools and resources to enable building with new web standards like HTML5 and CSS3 while supporting older versions of IE.
Here is some information extract from their website

Code Detection wizard.

modern.IE specifically addresses common coding problems that may result from supporting older versions of IE.
The code detection wizard reports the scanning results in the following categories 
  1. Address common problems that result from supporting older versions of IE.
  2. Help the site work well across browsers, across devices.
  3. Building with some new features in Windows 8.

BrowserStack offer

modern.IE includes special – free - access to BrowserStack, a leading virtual browser testing site that lets developers test their site on any browser available on Windows – regardless of what test machine is running. This offer is available for three months of free service to be activated before 31-Jan 2014.
modern.IE also includes add-ins for Chrome or Firefox, which give you single-click access to the BrowserStack virtual testing service right from your browser of choice.
If you prefer local virtual images, these are available on modern.IE to download and run local versions of Internet Explorer with Windows for testing – even on Mac, Linux, or PC.

Best Practices

Top 20 tips from Industry Experts

More Info

Here is a detailed blog post from Scott Hanselman, explaining the utility of the modern.IE tools and partnership with BrowserStack.
Cross-Browser Debugging integrated into Visual Studio with BrowserStack
In conclusion, I hope you explore and test-drive - it has a wealth of resources on supporting multiple versions of browsers and is a useful developer center.
Happy Coding!

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