Introduction To Ionic Framework

Ionic is the front end HTML framework, which is built on top of AngularJS and Cordova platform. Ionic provides tools or services to build mobile Applications with the help of Web development technologies like CSS, HTML etc.

Features of Ionic framework

Following are the best important features of Ionic framework.

  • CSS components (style)
    With native attractive look and feel, these components fulfill almost all the elements that mobile applications require. Components default styling can be easily overridden to provide your own design.
  • JavaScript components
    These components are outspreading CSS components with JavaScript functionalities to shelter all the mobile elements that can't be completed with HTML and CSS.
  • AngularJS
    Ionic is using AngularJS, which is MVC based (model,view,controller) architecture to build single page Applications, which are optimized for the mobile devices.
  • Cordova Plugins
    Apache Cordova platform provides API, which is required for using the native device functions with JavaScript code.
  • Ionic CLI
    This is NodeJS Service, which is powered with the commands for starting, building, running and emulating the Ionic apps.
  • Ionic View
    Very useful platform for uploading, sharing, testing and maintaining your Application on native devices.
  • Licence
    Ionic is released with MIT license.

Advantages of Ionic Framework

  • Ionic is an open source framework.m
  • Easily available plugins for Ionic framework.
  • We have to code for one time and it will run most of the mobile phones.
  • There is a one programming language for all the smart phones OS.
  • Ionic framework is used for hybrid mobile Application development.

Limitations of Ionic Framework

  • Testing can be complicated since the Browser does not give you the right information about the smart phone's environment. There are so many different devices and platforms and you frequently need to cover most of them.
  • It can be hard to combine different native functionalities and compatibility issues, which makes the errors hard to debug.