Introduction To Virtual Reality

The abbreviation of virtual reality is VR. Everything is virtual and is non-existent. However, it appears to us, as if it is actually real.

Such virtual realities are copied to the computer with specific software. The programmers reflect physical laws with it, so that people and other objects are represented as realistically as possible.

The technology which is used to film the real environment  is now so advanced, using special camera technology , it can be integrated as an environment in VR production.

Applications of Virtual Reality

  • Advertising
    Advertising works a lot with virtual reality. Most video clips by automakers are based on VR technology. Here, the car on the computer is virtually reconstructed and read, using the software in the real footage.

  • Movies
    It is working in many movies with the same technique. Whether Jurassic Park or King Kong, these fantastic creatures are virtually created on the computer.

  • Army Based
    In the training of the pilots and captains VR is also used. All situations are up to the replica of the airports. The ports are simulated and people are  trained using  virtual reality.

  • Computer Games
    PC games have been reconstructed, according to this principle. Thus, there are simulations of railways, aircraft or truck drivers.

  • More and more, we see VR
    Games with data Goggles mean the game scenarios can be experienced even more realistically.
These data eyeglasses are also called head-mounted displays. Small screens are mounted, just before the eyes, making the view in the real environment almost impossible and so the user will feel like they are in an enclosed space.  

Demarcation Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

AR refers to the merger of the virtual objects with real surroundings. Within an augmented reality Application, the users can communicate via the virtual world with the real world, where real and virtual content can be distinguished without problem. Short and sweet:

“Augmented reality refers to a real-world environment with virtual objects.”

In virtual reality, a virtual world is created, letting the user act within this world with a joystick, etc). The environment is created, so (at a good implementation) that it can’t be distinguished from the real world. Short & sweet:

“Virtual Reality refers to a virtual environment with real mock objects.”