Introduction To XML Trees

This code snippet, used in this blog is for XML trees.

  1. XML document has a single root node.
  2. The tree is a general ordered tree.
  3. A parent node may have any number of children.
  4. Child nodes are ordered and may have siblings.
  5. Preorder traversals are usually used to get the information, out of the tree.


Simple XML Document

  1. <?xml version = “1.0” ?> <address>  
  2. <name>  
  3. <first>Alice</first></br>  
  4. <last>Lee</last></br>  
  5. </name>  
  6. <email></email></br>  
  7. <phone>123-45-6789</phone></br>  
  8. <birthday>  
  9. <year>1983</year></br>  
  10. <month>07</month></br>  
  11. <day>15</day>  
  12. </birthday>  
  13. </address>  
Program Demo

Write the code from XMLCopyEditor.

Save Any Location(EX:Sample.xml).