iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone: And the winner is …

So I have been using iPhone for several years now and I love it. Only issues I had were, I lost it couple of times and I broke it couple of times.

However, there are a few annoying things with iOS/Apple:

  • It is costly. But hey, every good thing comes with a price. 
  • Apple store is far.
  • For every little thing, you have to go through the iTunes store.
  • I can't set MP3 as my ringtone. I am not talking about back door workarounds.
  • There are not too many models. 
  • I just hate Apple's policies and business model. I don't care how successful they are. Even if you have to buy a freaking plastic cover for your iPhone that would cost you 50 cents (made in china), they charge me $29.95.
  • Verdict: As soon as I start liking my Android, I am leaving iPhone.

    I will be curious to see how my view changes after iPhone 5 Hits Market

I got a Windows Phone from AT&T. Nothing went right with this guy. The interface nowhere close to the iOS and the Android interfaces. I have Windows 7 on my laptop. To connect to my WP7, I installed Zune software and still my laptop could not recognize the phone. Now, keep in mind, I am using Microsoft's Windows and Microsoft's Phone they can't talk to each other. Also keep in mind, an average user may even not know what the hell the Zune software is. Recently, I read Microsoft plan to bring Android developers to Windows Phone , good luck with that!

  • Price is OK. You can get a Windows Phone 7 for free with a 2 year agreement
  • Interface sucks
  • Zune Software sucks
  • It has some good options from hardware side. I can pick from different vendors.
  • Verdict: Microsoft needs to do a better job with new OS

After that, I got an Android phone, Samsung Infuse. This phone is pretty cool and there is nothing I do not like about it. It is a very slick phone. The only issue I am having is not used to the interface but interface seems pretty easy. The good things, I do not have to go through any iTunes or Zune software like application to copy my music and do other things. It also comes with preloaded apps (Angry Birds, what else you want) that my son loved it. I can even use the phone as my backup device and copy my songs direct to the phone.

  • Price is same as iPhone
  • Interface is cool and slick
  • Has many options from different vendors
  • Hate their auto recommendations when type
  • Verdict: Winner

So, I have to say, the Android wins, while iPhone is very close. If you are an Apple fan, I would say, go for an iPhone. If you hate Apple, Android is your choice.

So Google wins the war. So that answers my question Is Google Winning Smart Phones War?

Apple is second but Microsoft still has a long way to go. Microsoft needs to make things simpler for the end users. I hope Mango, new Windows Phone OS, fixes these problems. Read Windows Phone 7.1 [Mango] Beta Released.

But again, Android and iOS are getting upgrades as well. Next iOS support 1080p video exports. Read Next iPhone reaches final stage.

If you do use any of these phones, I would like to hear your side of story.

Please share!!

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