Keep the Learning Spark Alive

It’s been a decade now I am part of the IT industry. There are lots of changes been in last decade from process, technology and business. From the initial days to till today I have seen common problem among software developers, most of them are frustrated or not happy with their current job as they are not working on any latest technologies or technologies of their choice. Most of them are working on Application support, legacy technologies which make them frustrated. Everybody is working for SALARY DAY (when salary being credited in account).Even I was frustrated before I got interacted with some industry leaders and that interaction changed my thought process.I am following below steps which makes me happy and lesser my frustration: 

Follow Community

Communities are made so that like-minded people can interaction with each other and share. By following community you meet new people and always there is a learning and you can learn how the things executing in other organizations.

Keep close to Books

There are many people who make distance with books once they graduated and get job. I want to say today the world is changing and in every industry change is very rapid. So to update yourself you have to keep Learning and read books either its Kindle or Physical book.

Ask yourself Daily

“When did I learn something new last time?” Everyday keep asking this question to yourself. As Change is very rapid these days so you have to regularly update yourself with new technologies, process.

Find a Mentor

Everybody who wants to grow should have mentor. Whichever stage of career you always need guidance or you stuck somewhere, so mentor will be there to help you and give directions.

Be a Mentor

As I said above that you should have mentor and in other case you should be mentoring someone also. To guide someone and sharing is another way of learning.