Key Points Of A Quality Software Application


It is a very crucial point in a software business. You can say, it builds/spoils the company's reputation in a competitive business in a second. Nowadays, the companies are in a race to make  software Applications/Services with better quality.

What is quality? How can we say a software Application has quality? What does a company do to produce a quality software Application? In this blog, we will go through all its aspects and point out some useful information about quality.

What is Quality ?

As we know, a software company is a combination of multiple actors but some of them are involved in the software development, delivery and client relationship management. Mainly, they have the responsibility on their shoulders of producing a quality software Application. We can call them a Developer, Tester, QA, Solution Analyst, Business Analyst, Tech Lead, Module Lead, Project Lead / Manager, Project Director, CTO, CEO etc.

Each and every actor involved in producing a quality software Application has his or her  own point of view about quality.

  • Developer
    Software Application, which takes less time to execute and occupies less memory space with fulfilling all requirements is called a quality Application.

  • Tester
    Software Application, which not only takes less time to execute and occupies less memory space but a bug / error free Application is called a quality Application.

  • Business Analyst
    A quality Application not only fulfills the customer's need but if it adds value to the system that can add more productivity for a customer it is called a quality Application.

  • Management
    Quality is not just what we put into it, it is what the customer gets out of it.

  • Customer
    Productivity and outcome of the business by software is the key point of a quality software Application.

How do companies produce a quality software ?

  • Research on competitor's products or Services of same domain with all the aspects of it, including Features, System prerequisites, UI and how it is friendly for the end-user, time of execution of tasks, space consumption, criticality, reliable, consistency, durable, productivity and outcome generated for the customers.
  • Choose a team having experience of the same domain.
  • Give business/technical suggestions for a betterment of the client's business process during requirement gathering.
  • Implements latest technologies and processes for the software development. Nowadays, Agile is the best software engineering process.
  • Conduct regular code review.
  • Make user interface look nice and help the end user to perform the task with fewer mouse and keyboard hits.
  • Make Application features as dynamic as possible.
  • Develop and uses reusability components as much as possible.
  • Perform maximum testing with the different test techniques. Nowadays, companies deploy Applications to public for testing and security advice.
  • Appoint hackers into the project to optimize the security threat of a software system.
  • Instead of delivering projects at one go, deliver the project in different phases such as UAT, Alpha Testing, Beta Testing etc.
  • Track delivered Applications as much as possible and introduce the auto-updates or the authorized updates.

Here, I mentioned the main/basic steps that companies follow in producing a quality software system. It may vary from company to company, based on the budget, time frame and other aspects of the organization.