Kick Start Java With An Eclipse


Let’s discuss what an Eclipse is.  An Eclipse is an open IDE environment for Java developers and it comes under the open source packages. With an Eclipse, one can develop efficient  programs and It is more user friendly than CMD.


Steps to be followed,

Step 1

Open an Eclipse IDE.

Step 2



Step 3

Expand->Java->Java project->select Next.


Step 4

From the new Java project Window, we need to provide a project name for the project, name your project and click Next.


Step 5

We need to select Java build settings and click src in the Window, as shown (the predefined source code with comment lines will appear ) and select Finish.


Step 6

In the left navigation panel of Package Explorer, right click the project name->select New and select Class.


Step 7

Now, we need to provide a class name and the class name can be anything such as A or anything, so provide a class name and select Finish.


Step 8

Now, we need to build the codings for a Java program.

With an Eclipse, I have just built a program to display the message, as shown below.


Step 9

Save Java program and click Run button and the output for the Java program can be viewed form the console output, as shown below.

We have successfully learned Java with an Eclipse and I hope this blog helps you to learn the basics about Eclipse and with Java.Thanks for reading.