ASP.NET Core Features

What is Asp.Net core?

It is a cross-platform, open-source framework for building the modern cloud-based application.
Asp. Net Core is a redesign of the 4.x version. Initially, it is called an 5 version but it is renamed as core 1.0.

Features of core

  1. Cross-platform - the previous version of core will run on only windows platform but this core framework will run on Windows, Linux, mac.
  2.  Hosting - Previous version of asp host only on IIS but this framework will host on Apache, Docker, Self-hosting also.
  3. It also provides the same single unified programming model for creating web MVC application and web API also.
  4. core has built-in support for dependency injection.
  5. Open source- It is developed by Microsoft but it is collaborating through the vast community of open-source developers. Because of the community, it is evolving very fast.
  6. Modular - As providing middleware component so modularity is achieved to a great modularity is achieved to a great extent.
    1. In this, both request and response pipeline are composed using a middleware component. 
    2. We can also create our custom middleware component.

Software Requirement of Asp.Net core Development

  • Editor - Visual code, vim, sublime text, Atom
  • SDK- .Net core development SDK.
  • .Net core Runtime - It Is useful for only running the application but if you have SDK then there is no need for runtime.

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