Learn How To Code By Making Mobile Game Applications With Unity Developer 2.0

C# is a type-safe, elegant object-oriented language, which enables developers to create various robust and secure apps, which run on .NET. Visual C# provides a convenient, user interface design, advanced code editor, integrated debugger and a lot more tools for making it easier to develop apps based on C# and .NET.

.NET is a revolutionary Microsoft framework technology that’s built on object-oriented disciplines and covers numerous programming languages under one roof. With the revolutionary innovation, it has become popular for developing business-oriented apps.

The initial framework of .NET is updated constantly, with newer versions available every few months. Thus, there is constant development for a .NET developer job. .NET developers ensure that customers are in safe hands with rich expertise in developing various web services. Custom development with the use of Microsoft technologies help tailor make an application as per one’s budget and requirements.

C# is a general purpose, modern programming language designed around the CLI or Common Language Infrastructure. A great C# software developer could handle numerous aspects of developing an application, which include but are not limited to scalability, performance, testing, security and more. The C# developers could develop modern apps, which run on desktops, or even sophisticated back-end processes that power modern web apps. The .NET and Mono frameworks combined to enable a huge range of platforms to be targeted by apps that are developed with C#.

Learn how to code making games with Developer 2.0

The course is for game development and design. One could learn C# by suing the NEW Unity 2017.

What to learn
  • Learn C#, a modern powerful language from scratch
  • Make 2D, 2.5D and 3D game in Unity
  • Gain excellent general knowledge of designing a video game
  • Acquire experience using Unity 2017, a very versatile 3D tool
  • Transfer knowledge to .NET as well as other languages
  • Develop a positive attitude to solving a problem
  • Learn how object oriented programming will work in practice
  • Practical exercises for building actual skills
  • Learn using source control, and how to work in a small team
  • Learn good coding as well as design patterns
Requirements of the course
  • PC or Mac that could run Unity 2017
  • Free disc space to install Unity, Visual Studio
  • Regular web access for Q&A and community

The long-awaited sequel to Complete Unity Developer, one of the most popular e-learning courses on the web, is thoroughly re-worked from scratch, with brand-new projects with latest teaching techniques. Learners benefit from the fact that more than 250,000 students are already taught programming and game development.

Unity 2017 is an amazing 3D package that’s used for making video games, medical and architectural imaging and more. The challenge is that it is complicated and big to use, particularly for complete coding beginners and those new to game development. The course makes learning to code fun and easy, with step-by-step process of making exciting games.

Unity 3D is a fantastic platform that enables making production-quality games. Moreover, the games could be made for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Web from one source.

Target audience
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code the fun way through making games
  • Existing coders, particularly C# who want to re-skill to develop games
  • People who want to learn how to make video games and learn code as they go
How mobile game marketing impacts developers of the game apps

Mobile marketing truly has come of age today. These days, with the advent of various kinds of mobile games, mobile game marketing is coming to the fore as well. Developers of game apps are discovering that advertising in a mobile gaming industry could provide them a huge opportunity to strike gold with the venture. It’s expected that this mobile marketing aspect would continue to boom in the near future.

The general trend today for a mobile user us to use a handheld device or smart phone not only for business purposes. The focus for an end user also is on the fun. Now, mobile gaming has become more and more popular among the mobile enthusiasts. There are many game publishers who invest in the industry, including those with C# developer skills.

Users of mobile games continue to be price-sensitive in most parts of the world. More expensive mobile games are only purchased by a certain limited section of society. Most users would tend to see the expenses unnecessary. Thus, reducing the price of a mobile game would help create a much stronger consumer demand.

What profitable and popular mobile games have in common

Mobile games still are the most popular category in the App Store and account for 23.35 percent of all downloads. However, only a small percentage of mobile games are successful and profitable. In general, there are some common factors that contribute to the success of a mobile game app.

Stick to a profitability formula. An app would bring revenue if,

  • One will generate a high number of installs
  • It will keep users hooked for extended hours
  • Acquires at least 10-15 percent of users who are willing to pay for speedups and upgrades

Create a brand with the target audience in mind. Niche mobile games have the tendency to be the most long-lasting. The game design and game-play mechanics must align with the overall brand. There are people who love tycoon-style games in the hospitality niche or those who are into fishing or hunting and play the similar games. When brainstorming an idea, always keep in mind the target audience and craft precise marketing personas for an app to grow successfully.

Think of monetization depth. Most people will not spend a cent in a free game. The huge majority would pay somewhere from $1 and $10. Nonetheless, there are some avid gamers who feel comfortable in spending hundreds of dollars every month on the truly cool update.

Craft a memorable UX. While one may feel the need to invent an out-of-the-box game to attract plenty of users that is not the case all the time. The most successful games are based on a standard and ‘old’ gaming ideas that have been around for some time, such as quests, arcades, racing, puzzles and more.

C# programming jobs continue to be in demand, as app developers are now venturing into developing mobile game applications.