Learners Journey - Clarizen.NET: Rethink & Refactor

Rest Easy

I have reflected today on what I need to do first and I really do need to ship the Clarizen.net project out properly, so I have focused the areas that are needed to make the product whole (image below) and the main part is getting the HttpClient done properly, so I have decided to to create RESTIsEasy HTTP Client.

version 0.0.1 - The following areas are being implemented (All the following will feed in to Microsofts HttpWebRequest):

  • PUT, DELETE, GET and POSTClarizen_Net_Structure
  • HTTP Settings
  • Authentication
  • HTTP Request
  • HTTP Response (Json only at the moment)
  • HTTP Error Handling

Once this is in then moving onto the Query Engine which will pass the CZQL-JSON to RESTIsEasy HttpClient. This will mean a major refactoring of the current implementation, but it will be worth it.

When Clarizen.Net is in beta, I can turn my attention back to Clarizen2Trello application I built for Clarizen's 2015 Appathon (winners announced next week!), which uses Clarizen.Net. At the moment there is a lot brute code to both projects, so refactoring will be fun.

Who and What is Clarizen?

Clarizen is an Enterprise Project Management, Agile and Collaboration tool, which is pretty good, if you are interested there is more information on their website:


Learning Journey Continues

Tonight I will be live streaming for the first time (8.00 GMT) my coding session. I'm only going to be on for 30 minutes tonight to give it a try!



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