Let's Blast This Summer With Visual Studio 2022

Yesterday we got wonderful news from Microsoft. As soon as this summer the Visual Studio 2022 Preview will be released, read here for more info Click here.
Yes, it's great news from Microsoft, this means  as soon in summer we can start coding in Visual Studio 2022. Hope you are all so exited to start working and playing with Visual Studio 2022.

Seven new awesome features which I like from Visual Studio 2022

Here are 7 awesome features of Visual Studio 2022 which impressed me. 
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 will be faster as it will be 64-bit. Yes, Visual Studio 2022 will be 64 bit but at the same time, we are also able to build 32 bits apps as well with it. 
  2. Visual Studio 2022 has full support for .NET 6. Visual Studio 2022 also seems to have .NET Multi-Platform App UI (MAUI) for cross-platform client apps for Windows, Android, Mac OS, and IOS.
  3. The other important feature that impressed me is that in Visual Studio 2022 we can use the ASP.NET Blazor web application to work for desktop apps as well. Using the .NET MUAI.
    .NET MUAI simplifies the ProJet structure into a single project to target multiple platforms.to know more about .NET MUAI read here.
  4. Visual Studio 2022 also supports building modern cloud-based applications with Azure. 
  5. Real-time collaboration with live share with integrated text chat more exited to use this feature and only a couple of months to use this awesome feature.
  6. Visual Studio 2022 has more performance improvements in Debussing as well as debugging is one of the important parts of each programmer and excited to see new functionality available for debugging as well.
  7. Visual Studio 2022 seems to have deeper integration with the AI IntelliCode engine.
Hope same like me as a Microsoft Technology lover you all will be now eagerly waiting for the release of visual Studio 2022.Lets all blast this summer with our new Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.