Licensing Options For PowerApps And Microsoft Flow Plans In 2019

There has been sheer popularity in the usage of PowerApps and Flow over the years. This has further supported Microsoft in presenting with enhanced functionality of the two categories with impeccable features. Recently, Microsoft further announced its very new plans in October 2019, about the licensing options for PowerApps and Microsoft Flow as per the business process plan.
There have been too many requests made out of which the basics have been making licensing easier. Not only this, there has been ease of the pathway for proper guidelines for external users taking up the licensing part.

What Are The Two New Plans?

The two new plans presented by Microsoft during October 2019 will be,
  1. PowerApps Per-App Plan
    This will further allow the users for the running of the application for specified business peripherals.

  2. Flow Per Business Process Plan
    This plan is not just restricted to any specified user. It is applicable for a business team, department or similar group of people.
Both the plans make it easier for the specified industry to get going and enhance their specifications over time whether it is implemented on one specific area or a single process. You will not have to purchase any unlimited premium plans for all your users.
Coming in terms of a standalone application, the users will be able to provide event management solutions where
there is the existence of a portal used for registration, a mobile and web application for letting the staff use it on-site and management of the registration and logistics, respectively. Thus, all the customers are entitled to acquire the features and benefits of the plans proposed.

What Are The Specific Changes Made To The New Plans?

Whether you are a new user or renewing your licence, you have the authority to acquire,
  1. PowerApps per-app plan
    This plan will allow every user to run applications for a single niche of the business peripheral, completely based on the capabilities of PowerApps. The package of this plan is going to be $10 per user/app/month.

  2. PowerApps per user plan
    Individuals users will have the right to run unlimited applications without having the stress of not being able to use any of the enhanced features. The package of this plan is going to be $40 /user/month
The users of PowerApps will be able to run any application or the flow needed from the data for updating applications. On the other hand, Microsoft Flow's standalone capabilities are restricted for the plans only.

PowerApps Portals

With PowerApps portals, you will be able to acquire low-code tools for the development of responsive websites through external partners. You will be able to curate a new portal application that could be easily accessed by internal as well as external users. Or the external users could create genuine accounts with LinkedIn, Microsoft accounts or others. You are entitled to access the portal if you take up any of the PowerApps' plans.
The licensing for the portal is as follows,
  • Genuine External Users will have to enroll for $200 for 100 logins per month
  • External Anonymous Users will have to enroll for $100 for nearly 100,000 web page views per month
  • Internal users have the right to acquire the access of the portals through either of the plans they have enrolled in. It could be either PowerApps per app or PowerApps per user plan.

Microsoft Flow plans

Whether you are a new user or renewing your license, you have the authority to acquire,
Flow per user plan
Every user will be able to curate unlimited workflows and business proceedings related to your needs and requirements. So, the existing Flow P1 and P2 plans are combined into a single user plan whose pricing is going to be $15 per user per month.
Flow per business process
In this plan, you will be able to incorporate crucial business processes that will be able to acquire the hold of a team, department or similar group of people which is apt for unlimited users. The pricing of this plan is going to be $500 business process per month which is an application to almost 5 active workflows.


With the idea of implementation of the changes in the Flow licensing, Microsoft has taken a step aged in providing a simplified process of the licensing. Both PowerApps and Flow will have the specification of a single and integrated approach paving way for the daily capacity limits, ensuring top-notch service.