Limitations Of MS Forms


MS Forms is an online survey creator and is a package of Microsoft Office 365 product suite. Using MS Forms we can create surveys and quizzes that can be shared with external as well as internal users. The responses filled by the users can be later reviewed by an Admin person based on configurations. The response of the form is defined by the response to an entire form. It does not consider a  response per question, it considers a response per user.

Limitations of MS Forms 

There are several limitations to using MS forms 
  1. Using MS forms we can have up to 100 questions only.
  2. There is no provision for the user to partially save the form. It must be submitted in one go
  3. While using the Ranking question you will be having only 2 to 10 responses including the limit of 100 questions per form
  4. The most important limitation of using MS Forms is it does not allow File upload for external users. When we add a file upload control, MS Forms automatically disable for external users and cannot be enabled from the settings.
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In this blog, we have seen just a summary of the MS Blog limitation, but even after limitation, we can still use it for having our surveys or making some basic quizzes.