Limitless IoT

IoT is not a new thing, it's a way of doing things with the help of computers to a new level. IoT is now covering the market not only because it's easy to implement but because there is the vast use of it. It connects physical objects that can be connected to the internet.
In IoT, a small circuit that can be a RasberryPi, Arduino chips, Intel etc used for only one purpose that is to collect data from sensors and send it to the server in a uniform time interval.
Those sensors can be the thermal sensors, light sensors, pressure sensors etc. The data send by those sensors are transformed by the circuit which is directly connected to the Internet and can be sent in any format which is understandable by the server. Once the server gets the data then the server analyze it to get useful information. That concept is called Bigdata Analysis.
For sending data to the server, we can use any language for that such as NodeJS, C#, Python, Java etc. That application is installed on the local device. The local device will interact with the objects and sensors that will make data available for the local device. Once the data is available to the device then it will be temporarily stored in the local device and after a fixed amount of time, the data will be sent to the server for further processing and analysis. The server has an IP address and a port number in which an application is available to handle that data. When the data sent to the server it can be stored in the database such Mysql, MongoDB etc. Then, It will be analyzed by software or programmes written in any language. The most preferred language is Python. Bigdata is used to get information and then that information is used to get knowledge and then knowledge is used to get intelligence i.e. Artificial Intelligence.
A simple concept of IoT,
Level 1

In a restaurant, Pressure sensors can be used in the kitchen in the fridge or in species box so that when food item or any spice is about to finish in the kitchen then the vendor get a notification that "On restaurant name: ABC XYZ, Salt and Butter quantity is low. Please make sure that these items made available before 0600" or etc. So then at that restaurant, there is no shortage of food and it's items.
Level 2

By using that data, the shopkeeper can able to understand that in his area what type of food their customers most preferred. So he can make sure that most selling food item will never get shorted not even by mistake.
Level 3

When more restaurant used IoT, then the manufacturer can get a perfect location for their manufacturing plant so that they can able to send the food items to the vendors at low transport rate and they can able to get information about the scale of manufacturing in a particular area.
Level 4

After analyzing the level 3 data the higher authority or manufacturer can able to get information about the states or countries in which their products and raw material is preferred more and less so that they can able to send the most preferred quantity without any loss and delay.
So in the increasing order of levels, the quality of data will be increased. That data is more understandable and can be easily defined using graphs and tables.