Manage Activities Of Google Account

Do you know Google keeps a record of all the activities you do using your Google Account? However, it also offers you the ability to manage the activities of your Google account. Thus, let’s go to a step by step guide to manage the activities of your Google account.

First of all, go to Google’s Website and sign in into your account.

Afterwards, go to “My Account”. On the next page under Personal info & privacy, select “Manage your Google activity”.


Here, you can use your Activity controls to choose what kind of activities are saved to your Google account. These settings apply on all the devices, which are signed in from your account.

You can change these settings and view or delete your saved activity at any time.


View Activity that can be saved

Your Activity controls let you decide whether or not to save these types of activity.

  • Web & app activity saves your search activity on apps and the Browsers to make searches faster and give you a customized experience in Search, Maps and other Google products. You can also choose to save your Chrome browsing history & activity from the Websites and apps, which uses Google services.
  • Location History creates a private map of where you go with your signed-in devices to provide the improved map searches, commute routes and more.
  • Device Information stores your contacts, calendars, apps and other device data to improve your experience across Google.
  • Voice & Audio Activity stores your voice and audio inputs (for example, your “Ok Google” commands) to help recognize your voice and improve speech recognition.
  • YouTube search history stores your YouTube searches to make your future searches faster and improve your recommendations.
  • YouTube watch history makes it easier for you to find your recently watched videos on YouTube and improves your recommendations.

Manage Activity

Here, you will see your activities listed as the individual items, starting with the most recent. These items might be part of bundles, which group similar activities together. (Note: Bundles might not capture all similar activity.)


  • To see all items in a bundle: On the bundle, select More > Details
  • To see details about an item: On the item, select More > Details. You’ll see the date and time of the activity and why it was saved. You might also see the location, device and app information.
  • To delete, you may select Delete.


  • To delete all the activities, select Delete by date > All time.
  • You may also customize the date range to delete the activities.

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