Manually Download Android APIs

You all are aware of how to install different API versions in Android using SDK (Software Development Kit). But If you like to install it manually, this article will help you to do so.

Benefit of manually download is, you don't need to download APIs again and again if you are working with new Android Bundles.

First of all, open following link in browser

New Link for repository

Old Link for repository

This will show you following output.


Now, you can see that all information provided in XML format.

There is one link provided here. Search for sdk:url tag in XML file. After searching that, copy that value and make following URL pattern to download it.

Note that, you should choose sdk:url as per your platform which is provided in <sdk:archive arch="any" os="any">.

Base URL :

Full URL :

You can add suffix URL as you want.

After completion of download, extract that file. This will produce one directory. You just need to place that in following directory.


Open your Android SDK, and check. Newer API will be shown as Installed.

Happy Coding.