MariaDB is a replacement of MySQL

MariaDB is a replacement of MySQL

Control! Control! Control! That's what Oracle likes to do. I don't know any open source believer who is very fond of Oracle.

In October this year, Oracle made a move to kill Open Source MySQL. Even though Oracle partially claimed that is will keep its promise to keep MySQL open source but who knows. Do you trust their words? I don't.


On January 27, 2010 Sun Microsystems, the company behind Java and MySQL, was acquired by Oracle and Oracle promised to keep MySQL open source. However, some open source community leaders including the MySQL founders think Oracle is making MySQL less open.

To continue with the open source practice, the founders of MySQL Michael Widenius, David Axmark, and Allan Larsson last year announced a new database, MariaDB that is an enhanced, drop-in replacement of MySQL.

If you do not like Oracle or let's just say, if you do not trust Oracle, MariaDB is the way to go. It is very similar to MySQL and there is not much learning curve. If you are an existing MySQL developer or DBA, you will find yourself home with MariaDB.


From the MariaDB website, here is the definition:

MariaDB is the compatible successor to MySQL, the world's most popular Open Source database. MariaDB has greatly improved scalability and performance, engines for NoSQL and volume transaction processing, and clustering capability. The MariaDB client libraries are available under the liberal LGPL license, enabling a new generation of commercial applications. In a study by the 451 Group in May 2012, 85% of the companies surveyed were using MariaDB or MySQL data formats.

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