Metro being replaced with Modern UI

Metro being replaced with Modern UI

While we all are wondering what is next for Metro app, a story on the verge is reporting that the word “Metro” is being replaced with the word “Modern UI”.

“Microsoft employees have started using "Modern UI Style" to refer to the new Windows 8 Start Screen and "Modern UI" design in reference to Windows 8 apps. The software giant has used modern, immersive, fast, and fluid to describe its Windows 8 operating system previously — in the early stages of its development — but the common name was always Metro style.”

So may be the Modern UI Style is the next for metro app.

But are you serious Microsoft? You could not come up with some better names? Modern UI? Isn't every UI is modern at their times? Wasn't a room-sized-heavy-machine was the first computer and latest technology in 1970s? 

I also read that Windows 8 app will be the name of Metro Style app. That doesn't make sense either. What about Windows Phone and Windows RT Tablet apps? 


Ibrahim pointed out in his comment below, one blog post shows Visual Studio 2012 screen shot, is calling it Windows Store app. So that might just be Windows app then. Wow!


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