Microsoft Expression Blend: Working with Vector Graphics Combine Operations on Two Vector Images

Create a new project of Universal Windows Platform in Microsoft Expression Blend.

I’m currently using Blend 2015.

Select Ellipse from tools:


Make two circles using the ellipse control from tools on your designer surface. Just like the below picture overlap them with a small portion of area.

picture overlap
Select both circles and right click on the designer, you’ll see the following option as shown in the picture.

Select > Combine > Unite.

Combine Unite

You have five options here:

  1. Unite: When you select “unite” both of the vector images will be combined.


  2. Divide: When you click to “divide” option both of the images will be divided and the portion that is:


  3. Intersect: This option will give us the output image that is the combined part of both images.


  4. Subtract: This option will subtract one image from other image.


  5. Exclude Overlap: Exclude overlap will remove the combined area of both images.

    Exclude Overlap