Microsoft Post2Beat Azure Winner

Its the day come and I am very excited & feeling proud to share such a great news.  I have been selected as a Winner for Windows Azure from Microsoft for Post2Beat Challenge across the South Asia Region.This recognition is being given by South Asia Microsoft MVP Award Team.
This is not possible without the help of all of CSharpCorner team members especially their editorial staff. I can't forget great people Mahesh Chand sir and Shivprasad Koirala sir who inspired me to do something new and different. So, here is the result.
Following is the announcement email, I received:
Subject: Congratulations to #Post2Beat Challenge Winners
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2015 10:15:09 +0000
Here comes the list of ‪#‎Post2Beat challenge winners (Many folks signed up for Windows Challenge but contributions were on non-Windows forums like etc. and those were not considered in winner selection).
  • Windows Phone: Pradeep AJ
  • Windows: Arnav Sharma
  • SharePoint: Lakshmanan Sethu
  • Exchange: Sathish Veerapandian...
  • Azure: Gaurav Kumar Arora
Congratulation everyone!! Each of you get an Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard.
Last but not the least my heartiest thanks to:  Dinesh Beniwal, Shuby Arora, Sumit Jolly, Biplab Paul, Sara