Microsoft Power Apps And Flow Limitation - August 2019

I was working on PowerApps and Flow when I faced some weird limitations. So, I am writing this blog to help you if, in case, you get a client that comes with these limitations. Well, you can provide these references and ask them to raise a ticket with Microsoft.
  1. Power Apps Forms
    Attachment Control File upload size limit to 10 MB.

    Though SharePoint allows you to upload 250 MB of files per attachment, PowerApps will only allow you to upload 10 MB file. Recently, we got the news that the hardcore limit will be increased to 100 MB. And, it will be available by September 2019.


  2. Flow time out on Approval action
    Flow provides you OOTB Approval action. You can set the timeout period up to 30 days. After that, the flow will timeout.


  3. Flow Approval action - assigned to change
    If the approver is not available, we are not able to delegate approval to someone else. In that case, the approval will timeout and the flow will end. We can use the patch mentioned in the below link for the work around of this.

I will keep on adding bugs that I am facing. Also, I will try to add a new post if Microsoft releases any update on above issues.