Microsoft Surface Does Not Have a Cloudy Future

Last year, when some sales reports came about Microsoft’s Surface product, I thought Microsoft Surface Had a Cloudy Future. Does it?

I personally own Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 and I think it is one of the best laptops out there. I still think my Sony Vaio Pro 13 is the best but Surface Pro 13 could easily be #2 in my list. The only problem I have with Surface Pro 3 is, it is still heavier than Viao Pro 13. Check out my review, It is time to buy Surface Pro 3.

I remember, seeing large touch screens at Microsoft’s MVP Summit in 2013 and OneNote was the highlighted app of the show. Now it all makes sense why Microsoft has been mass producing large touch display screens. These are not just screens. They are Microsoft’s newest hardware, the Surface Hub.

Recently, Microsoft introduced the new preview release of Windows 10 announcing the Surface Hub was one of the key products announced as a part of this event. Microsoft Surface Hub is an ink and touch enabled smart display device that connects with a Wifi and has two built-in mic 1080p full HD cameras. It will be available in two sizes – a 55-inch HD and 84-inch 4K. It runs on Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10 and loaded with Skype, Office, and OneNote applications to make it a perfect candidate of meetings and presentations.

Surface Hub is more than just a device. It actually solves today’s business need. No matter if you’re a startup, a small to medium business, or a large corporation, you need Surface Hub. Check out Microsoft Announced Surface Hub for more details.

That said, with new Microsoft Surface Hub, Microsoft has definitely built some good stuff!