My First Python Program To Predict The Future


Hi guys, as we all know, Python language has lots of significance in various domains. After learning a few programs in a few areas I would like to give you a simple program to make the right decision in life when you don't know what to decide and move on with it calmly and peacefully to have a better future.
Need to have basic knowledge on running Python programs using SPYDER IDE via Anaconda.
Many know that there are 27 Nakshatras and total of 249 Upanakshatras which are considered as the cosmic virtual powers according to Hinduism.
Every upanakshatras starting from 1-249 can be considered as a gateway to answering any of your questions in the form of yes/no ie. in binary language 1/0.
The above 1-249 ranged Upanakshatras can give a correct answer or a wrong answer, they can guide you or misguide you. You need to pick the right gate/door to get the right answer at that moment when you want to know the yes/no answer for a question!

Overall concept explained

The above upanakshatram number can be selected randomly from the given range of 1-249 after you think about your question once and ask upanakshatras to answer for you.
For eg. Can I continue in the IT Technical side? Just ask for yes/no and randomly generate a number from 1-249 range without forcing your mind but it has to become in a free flow way. That number is the door/gateway to the answer to your question asked. If I get some upanakshatram number 45, please take the digital sum of all the digits and keep repeating this process multiple times to get the final value which comes to be from 1-9 which either is odd or even. When digital sum simplifies to an odd number like 1,3,5,7,9 it means it's a strong yes while if it simplifies to an even number like 2,4,6,8 it means it's a strong no. 
I tried to implement the above concept programmatically using Python to generate a random number by setting the range and will also display your fortune number which has to be quickly calculated using the above process to get the answer yes or no.

Python Program

Here is a random number generating python program to help you take quick smart decisions on any of your life oriented activities which could be stock trading, joining a new job, marriage proposal, moving to other country and others.
Here is my simple python program to generate a random number on your entered wish:
  1. # import numpy as np  
  2. # rand_num = np.random.normal(1,249,1)  
  3. # print("Fortune Random number:")  
  4. # n=(abs(int(rand_num)))  
  5. # print(n)  
  6. q=input("Enter Tour Wish:")  
  7. import random  
  8. n = random.randint(1,249)  
  9. print("Fortune Random number:")  
  10. print(n)   
The above program, once executed, will generate a random number from 1-249 and we need to take the total digital sum of it. If the sum remains an odd number then the answer is yes or the wish comes true. If the sum remains an even number then the answer is no or the wish doesn't come true in your life.
For Example1 as shown below I got the random number 60 whose digital sum is 6 which is an even number and my wish doesn't always come true or there are some mixed chances of becoming successful in my IT career which is 100% true.
For Example 2 as shown below I got the fortune random number as 23 whose total sum is 5 which is an odd number that indicates my wish always comes to be true, which is I will rock forever, which is 100% true. 


You can use the above Python program to take the most important decisions in your life by just typing your wish and take the sum of the fortune random number which is a gateway number of any of the upanakshatras ranging from 1-249 and get the answer to proceed with more confidence in your life. This above process when adopted slowly and multiple times can develop the intuition inside you to turn you into a mentalist and rock forever!! Hail to upanakshatras from our vedas, puranas, upanishads and from ancient sanatana dharma !!! Cheers!!!!!

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