My New Community Life On .NET

Thoughts on my community life about .NET

Hello. This is a mix of a personal and technical posts, and I felt I needed to share something about myself with the developer community.

Probably some of you have known me for many years. Until 2017, I was always on the edge of the .NET developer community worldwide. I used to lead online communities, participate in forums, write articles, write books, speak at worldwide conferences, and create open-source projects. I was active daily in sharing knowledge and doing community stuff. And I have been Microsoft MVP since 2008 for developer technologies 4 times in a row.

In late 2017, my father passed away from cancer, and this hit me so hard that I needed to take a long break from everything but my regular job. Previously, in 2014, I also lost my mum to cancer, but at that time, my reaction was to be hungry for life, so I did as much as possible. But the second time was too much for me. So, I gradually abandoned leading the Visual Basic Tips & Tricks community in Italy (46000 subscribers), writing articles, recording videos, speaking at conferences, and almost everything but writing some book to avoid losing opportunities.

It took me years and a lot of work on myself to get back to most of my energy—something I now have. So, I'm back again doing community stuff as you did in 2023. 

I am writing articles here on C# Corner as the main space.

Second, I have created a new YouTube channel where you can find videos about development with .NET. Please subscribe to support me.

There's a new video about implementing local data access in .NET MAUI with SQLite and the MVVM pattern, and more are coming in the next week.

The enthusiasm of the developer community worldwide has been essential for me in my path, so thanks so much for this.