.NET: Cookies with its advantages and Disadvantages

Cookies: Cookies are the small files that are created on the client's system or client browser memory. The cookie contains information the Web application can read whenever the user visits the site. They are associated with a Web site, not with a specific page.

Advantages of Cookies

1. It's very simple to use and implement.
2. Browser's taking care send data.
3. For multiple sites cookies, Browser automatically arranges them.

Disadvantages of Cookies:
1. Its store data in a simple text format. so it's not secure at all.
2. There is a size limit of cookies data ( 4096 bytes / 4KB).
3. Number if cookies also limited.
4. We need to configure browser. It will not work on a high security configuration of browser.

For working with cookies we need to use namespace:
using System.Web;