.NET Interview Questions

There could be many thousands interview questions on .net and few of them are asked in different companies. I can say that there are some core level questions that repeated in interviews and almost each company.

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Generally about 10 questions are asked from different section of .net. and I am here to just summarizing them category/section wise. Hope it may be help you out to get your desired job.


1.    CLR and CTS,CLS related question

o    What are the important roles of CLR ? How CTS and CLS differ?


2.    GC(Garbage Collector) related

o    What is Garbage collector and how it works?

o    What are the different phases in GC and how it works?

o    How to force to run GC? What is managed code?

o    When you use Window API, it is managed or unmanaged code?


3.    Assembly related

o    What is dll hell? What is Assembly and how a global assembly is created?

o    How Assembly is differing from Namespace?

o    Can we see Assembly?

o    What is Manifest?

o    How versioning is maintained?

o    What is GAC and how it is maintained?

o    What is Delay signing?

o    What is Reflection?

o    What is satellite assembly?

o    What is NGEN.exe?


4.    Value type and Reference type related

o    What is Boxing/Unboxing?

o    What are Value types and reference types?

o    What is CodeDom?

o    What is IUNKNOWN interface?

o    Difference between Ref & out


5.    Exception handling and Logging related

o    Difference between System exception and Application exception?

o    How to know the reason of exception being occurred for a particular user and what action you would to take to fix that.


6.    Data handling and Controls related

o    What is connection pooling

o    What is different type of data controls


7.    Life cycle and basics related

o    HTTP Handler, Module

o    Order of execution of Page_Load event in content page with master pages, user control pages.

o    PostBack and Async PostBack and UpdatePanel

o    Dynamic controls

o    What are .pdb files


8.    Authentication modes

o    Different session management for not loosing state/session.

o    How Security is maintained


9.    Controls & Accessing controls values related

o    How to access Html control values at server side(code behind)

o    How to access User-control / Master page ‘s control from content page

o    How to access Content page's control from Master page

o    Difference between UserControl & CustomControl


10. Data transfer over pages related

o    Different ways of transferring user data over pages

§  Client Level

§  Server Level

o    Transferring control and their difference ( Server.Execute, Server.Transfer, Response.Redirect)

Best of Luck!!!:)