.NET: Server.Tranfer V/S Response.Redirect

Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect both are used to send the user from one page to another as both are the objects of ASP.Net. But the difference between them is as under:

1. You can directly access the values, controls and properties of the previous page if you are using
    But it cannot be possible with Response.Redirect.

Response.Redirect changes the URL in the browser's address bar. 
    Server.Transfer retains the original URL in the browser's address bar. It just replaces the contents 
    of the previous page with the new one.

3. Response.Redirect can be used for both .aspx and html pages. 
    Server.Transfer can be used only for .aspx pages and is specific to ASP and ASP.NET.

Response.Redirect can be used to redirect a user to an external websites.   
can be used only on sites running on the same server.
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