New features in Excel 2010 Introduction

In this blog, I will talk about some improvements in Excel 2010.

In front of a version, as an important component of the Microsoft Office 2010 products, Excel 2010, there are a lot of improvements over the previous version, but overall little change, almost does not affect all the current applications based on the Office 2007 product platform But Office 2010 is upward compatible, and that it support the function of most of the earlier versions, but the new version does not necessarily support the functionality in earlier versions. In fact, in Excel 2010 in Excel 2007 on the basis of no major changes are briefly discussed below.

Enhanced Ribbon toolbar

What is the Ribbon toolbar? In fact, I do not know how to translate, contact Excel 2007 users should be more familiar with. Microsoft Office products, a lot of improvements in the upgrade process from 2003-2007, involving almost the entire framework, a new bright spot in the user interface experience part of the introduction of the Ribbon toolbar.

From the interface with Excel 2007 and no major changes in the theme of color and style of the interface has changed. Excel 2010 Ribbon functionality more enhanced, user can set things more easier to use. Moreover, it is more convenient to create a SpreadSheet.

Xlsx format file compatibility
xlsx format along with Excel 2007 was introduced into the Office product, which is a compressed packet format file. By default, Excel files are saved as xlsx format files (of course, can also be saved into the compatible format of previous versions with a vba macro code files can be saved as xlsm format), you can suffix modified Rar, and then use Winrar open it, you can see which contains a lot of xml files, this provides great convenience in network transmission and programming interface based on xml format file. Compared to an Excel 2007 in Excel 2010 improved file format compatibility with previous versions, and more secure than previous versions.

Excel 2010 Web support

Than the previous version, Excel 2010, one of the most important improvement is the support for Web-enabled, users can be created directly through the browser, edit and save the Excel file, and share these files through a browser. In Excel 2010 Web Edition is free, users only need to have a Windows Live account can be online via the Internet using an Excel spreadsheet, in addition to some of the Excel functions, Microsoft claims that the Web version of Excel will be the desktop version of Excel as well. Excel2010 also provides the application interface with Sharepoint users even local Excel files can be saved directly to the Sharepoint document center.

Bright spot in the chart

In Excel 2010, a very easy-to-use features have been added to the Insert menu, this function is called Sparklines can be depicted according to the user to select a set of cell data waveform trend, while the user can have several different Choice of type of graphic.

Other improvements

Excel 2010 provides network functionality also allows the Excel and others at the same time sharing of data, including many people deal with a document and so on. In addition office 2010, for business users, Microsoft recommends that Project Gemini add-ins installed for Excel 2010 can handle extremely large amounts of data, or even hundreds of millions of rows worksheet. It in 2010 as part of SQL Server 2008 R2 release.

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