New Features of HTML 5

 New Feature of HTML 5

  1. output element
  2. Custom attributes
  3. header element
  4. section element
  5. article element
  6. footer element
  7. mark element
  8. Supported attributes detection (JavaScript feature).
  9. Regular expression and required attribute for the input element.
  10. audio element
  11. video element
  12. autofocus attribute
  13. hgroup element
  14. Local Storage support for HTML 5 (not a feature of HTML 5).
  15. placeholder element for input.
  16. Input types extended to email, date-time.
  17. contenteditable attribute which takes advantage of local storage.
  18. No need to mention the type attributes for script and link element.
  19. Small element
  20. figure and figcaption element.
  21. Simple DOCTYPE element.
 You can learn more about HTML 5 here
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