Current world scenario believes in edge cutting technology, inventions and gadgets. NFC is one of those edge cutting technology that can change your world. You must be familiar with this technology as its not getting common because now days 4 out of 10 mobile devices are NFC enabled.
So what is NFC ...?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication through which you can share your data, information, media etc though just a simple tap of touch operation of both phones(sharing and receiving ) .
There is only 1 condition which is both devices must be NFC enabled devices.
NFC and YOU 
Now am going to tell you how NFC can be useful to you and how it can rock your world, so tight your belts.
Here we go:
  1. You can use your phone as a ATM machine for paying bills, payments etc.
  2. You can use it as your credit card.
  3. As a Data graber
  4. Can help medical patents from getting rid of complex medical procedures, complexities etc.
  5. Data, Info, media sharing.
  6. Network Facilitator.
There exist so many other functionalities too. Explore them out. 

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