Now, It Is Time To Travel Around The Globe With VR

Google Earth VR

The world is moving with the latest technologies present in ongoing trends of the market, which include Virtual Reality (VRs) and Augmented Reality(ARs) like Facebook’s Oculus, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Intel’s Project Alloy, Google’s Cardboard, Sony’s Sony Playstation VR, and Samsung’s Gear VR. Google has come up with its own product/app called Google Earth VR.
Google Earth VR is available free of cost on its HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset. Google has been working on the development of this application from last one decade and has finally come up with its latest application called Google Earth VR.
If you are passionate about travelling to different places, you won’t be able to travel all the places around the globe, but Google offers you to travel around the globe with its app called Google Earth VR on HTC Vive.
As it is free of cost, you can download and install it from a popular service called Steam Gaming Distribution Service. Two billion+ users have downloaded the application already, from its Steam Service.
For downloading the application, please follow the below link.
It covers approximately 196 million square miles around the globe and you can either walk or fly to those places. You can browse the places by zooming in & out as well. Currently, Google’s VR app is only available on HTC Vive. However, the Google Team is planning for its launch on other platform compatible Headsets in future.
As an end-user, we might be a bit confused where to begin with our first virtual travelling trip but Google has already included some of the places to start with, such as Amazon River, downtown Manhattan, the Grand Canyon, and the Ruins of Rome.

Have a look at the Google’s Earth VR on its official website.
With this Google’s new app, the end-users can travel around the world, including their own living rooms.